Physical traders of petroleum products worldwide.


Formed by a group of elite global investors, Queen’s Fuel started with the intent to be a better trading house to give “white-glove” service to a few “privileged” clients worldwide.

Queen’s Fuel officially started in 2011 to facilitate and trade petroleum products with a focus on Gas Oil and Fuel Oil. Realizing a need in these core petroleum products as market demand soared we launched in two key global hotspots to gain the greatest reach in the industry. Based in Houston, Texas, with a focus on Middle East our aim is to be a “Boutique” trading company offering unparalleled personal attention not found in any other trading enterprise.

Having a strong background rooted in Supply Chain Management, Logistics and sourcing products for their customers Queen’s Fuel leadership provides unmatched benefits in cost/value as well as timeliness to their clients and vendors. The biggest expense and challenge globally is also the biggest challenge locally–access to cheap energy sources.

Currently we are focusing mainly in the UAE and are gearing up to expand in the GCC (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait) and Iraq in the next 24 months.

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Fuel supply is a very serious business. Being some of the most demanded products on the planet, companies and governments go to great length to secure future supplies.

Unlike any other fuel supply company, Queen’s Fuel is a Boutique trading company. Combining advanced database and an expertise research team daily sourcing the most remote as well as most respected fuel sources on the globe. This has allowed Queen’s Fuel to constantly discover more products for better pricing than most supply companies.

Having a clear picture of supply gaps and demand growth we are able to quickly connect potential trades. We spend considerable time with our clients to really understand their requirements and the problems affecting the company and its bottom line. This is where we take our cues and get to work.

Let us work with you to evaluate your needs in full and let me personally take an interest to satisfy your organization’s appetite for large fuel needs.

Joey Elaty


Our vision is to be a different kind of global oil and gas trading company. Queen’s Fuel identifies the best end users and suppliers in key markets and create long term valued relationships that deeply understand our clients needs.

Our Boutique approach to oil and gas trading allows us to personally handle and cater to only the most respected buyers and sellers in the marketplace, and bring together solutions to their most challenging needs.

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We are ready to serve your needs, wether you are an end user, supplier, or trader, contact us to make the deal.

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Ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) is diesel fuel with substantially lowered sulfur content. We offer ULSD with sulfur content of less than 0.05% or better.


Diesel, also called, D2, or “Gasoil” is one of the most commonly used refined products from Crude Oil to be used in energy for mostly commercial and industrial applications–machine equipment, trucks, and the like.


Bitumen or Asphalt as commonly known is a black sticky viscous liquid derived from crude oil used for making asphalt roads or waterproofing for construction applications.


Mazut is a heavy, low quality fuel oil, used in generating plants and similar applications. In the United States and Western Europe, mazut is blended or broken down, with the end product being diesel. Mazut may be used for heating houses in former USSR and in countries of Far East that do not have the facilities to blend or break it down into more traditional petro-chemicals. In the west, furnaces that burn mazut are commonly called “waste oil” heaters or “waste oil” furnaces.


Liquefied petroleum gas is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as a fuel in heating appliances and vehicles.. Varieties of LPG bought and sold include mixes that are primarily propane (C3H8), primarily butane (C4H10) and, most commonly, mixes including both propane and butane, depending on the season — in winter more propane, in summer more butane. LPG is currently highly sought after in countries such as China & India where most homes are heated using LPG.


Bunker fuel is technically any type of fuel oil used aboard ships.
There are six varieties of fuel oils called Fuel Oil 1, 2, 3, up to 6. Fuel oil number 2, 5, and 6 are used as Bunker Fuel for ships with Fuel Oil number 5 being the most common, while fuel oil number 6 being used mainly by the navy.


Jet fuel is the third-highest product in demand and, like gasoline (the most demanded product) is largely confined to use in the transportation sector. The most commonly used fuels for commercial aviation are Jet A and Jet A-1which are produced to a standardized international specification.


used primarily as a fuel in internal combustion engines. It consists mostly of organic compounds obtained by the fractional distillation of petroleum, enhanced with a variety of additives. Some gasolines also contain ethanol as an alternative fuel.


intermediate hydrocarbon liquid stream derived from the refining of crude oil. Naptha is commonly used as solvents, cleaning fluids, paint and varnish diluents, asphalt diluents, rubber industry solvents, dry cleaning, cigarette lighters, and portable camping stove and lantern fuels


Queen’s Fuel has long been connected to Real Estate Development projects through their vast connection of government officials, diplomats, and key developers in the region. This network of power-players allows us to coordinate, introduce, and facilitate new projects never been brought to the market before.

Connect with Queen’s Fuel, bring your project, idea, investment or connection so that we can work together to make this dream a reality. In today’s day and age more and more ambitious and robust projects are getting intorduced to the market than ever before.

Through your assets and our resources together we can achieve the unachieavable. Lets come together and make it happen.


Queen’s Fuel collaborates with major US firm

Queen’s Fuel collaborates with a major US trading firm (soon to be anounced) of which will work mutually together to leverage each company’s network.

Queen’s Fuel joins Arab Business Club

With over 8,500 members worldwide and fast growing including diplomats sheikh’s rulers, presidents, CEO’s and top executives this “invite-only” membership is a must to advance our aim of aggressive networking. Arab Business Club is in 27 countries, and fast expanding into Africa as demand intensifies for this unique club.

Dealmaking, networking, and exposure of your business are some key pillars of the Arab Business Club.


Queen’s Fuel prides itself on being entrepreneurial from the heart. We aim to remain small in size yet large in results. Our objective with joining our team is to hire the very best on the market and take care of them well.

With that aim we arm each of our team members with the very best technology, education, training, and resources available on the market to empower them to achieve tremendous results.

Everything about Queen’s Fuel is different than any other trading company you’ll find. From the comfort, elegance, and technology found in our offices, to the creative strategies we use to complete deals. You’ll find yourself in an opportunity like you’ve never thought possible.

Please register your interest in the Queen’s Fuel Team by sending your CV in English today so we can start you on a better career tomorrow. Currently seeking for our new Dubai office:

  • Traders (Physical)
  • Executive Assistants
  • Office Manager

Please send to info@queensfuel.com


Contact us today to trade tomorrow.
We are ready to serve your needs, whether you are an end user, supplier, or trader, contact us to make the deal.


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