C E O ‘ S Message

    Fuel supply is a very serious business. Being some of the most demanded products on the planet, companies and governments go to great length to secure future supplies.

    Unlike any other fuel supply company, Queen’s Fuel is a Boutique trading company. Combining advanced database and an expertise research team daily sourcing the most remote as well as most respected fuel sources on the globe. This has allowed Queen’s Fuel to constantly discover more products for better pricing than most supply companies.

    Having a clear picture of supply gaps and demand growth we are able to quickly connect potential trades. We spend considerable time with our clients to really understand their requirements and the problems affecting the company and its bottom line. This is where we take our cues and get to work.

    Let us work with you to evaluate your needs in full and let me personally take an interest to satisfy your organization’s appetite for large fuel needs.

Joey Elaty