Formed by a group of elite global investors, Queen’s Fuel started with the intent to be a better trading house to give “white-glove” service to a few “privileged” clients worldwide.

Queen’s Fuel officially started in 2011 to facilitate and trade petroleum products with a focus on Gas Oil and Fuel Oil. Realizing a need in these core petroleum products as market demand soared we launched in two key global hotspots to gain the greatest reach in the industry. Based in Houston, Texas, with a focus on Middle East our aim is to be a “Boutique” trading company offering unparalleled personal attention not found in any other trading enterprise.

Having a strong background rooted in Supply Chain Management, Logistics and sourcing products for their customers Queen’s Fuel leadership provides unmatched benefits in cost/value as well as timeliness to their clients and vendors. The biggest expense and challenge globally is also the biggest challenge locally–access to cheap energy sources.

Currently we are focusing mainly in the UAE and are gearing up to expand in the GCC (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait) and Iraq in the next 24 months.